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Nothing Phone (1): An Atypical Design to Be Expected

nothing phone 1 phonewreck

The Nothing brand recently announced the upcoming release of a new smartphone. Little by little, the contours of the latter are taking shape.

Carl Pei has some serious marketing chops, and he knows how to use them for his new Nothing brand. The co-founder of OnePlus has decided to drop information about his next smartphone.

While it is already possible to discover the launcher that will accompany it, Carl Pei has made some statements on the mobile itself. Accompanied by Tom Howard, the head of design, the CEO of the firm has delivered information on the design of the smartphone to Wallpaper magazine.

A sketch of the Nothing phone (1).

We discover that the brand wants to offer a device with a transparent back, and thus really distinguish itself from the generic aesthetic of many of its competitors. This is not surprising, since Nothing has already opted for this idea for its successful Ear (1) wireless headphones. Howard explains, however, that “bringing out the inside” of the device

5 Android Apps for You and Your Frenchie

5 Android Apps for You and Your Frenchie

Smartphones make life easier, even for french bulldogs and their owners. Since our Frenchies are not able to download apps, how about giving them a hand by downloading these useful apps yourself.

Thanks to these, your days with your bouledogue francais will never be the same. Let’s discover the 5 best Android apps for you and your french bullddog.

PetBacker – PetSitting

With this app you can connect with thousands of guardians and dog walkers across the country. The application also has many features such as search filters, which will allow you to easily search for other users.

You will therefore be able to look for trusted people to whom you will entrust your Frenchie during your absence. Better yet, you can communicate with them directly in the app, which also handles payments.

If you want to list your services yourself, PetBacker also allows you to easily manage your small business and keep your customers informed when you are on the move for example. The app even features handy notifications that alert you in real time. This application will therefore allow you to move with peace of mind.


Every frenchie owner has

Smartphone’s Online Shopping Rise

girl online shopping on smartphones

From the time the first Motorola DynaTAC was made available to the public in the late 1980’s, cellphones have come a long way.

In the following decades that went by, the conventional smartphone went under the razor plenty of times.

The big chunky design and dearth of features of the original gave way to newer and smarter powerhouses with a host of fancy features to keep them running.

Today almost every one owns a smartphone, and with the availability of everything like e-commerce sites and the huge amount of products at the touch of a button, the dependence on the same has also increased.

online shopping on smartphones has been around for quite sometime.

What was once considered a dangerous practice, buying and selling of goods from strangers on the internet today is one of the leading contributors towards the global economy.

It’s extremely popular and has become more so in recent times. It’s hard to imagine life without it.

What makes a

Best Ipad Pro Drawing Apps In 2020

Best Ipad Pro Drawing App

The Apple iPad Pro is a tablet that has many benefits for users, allows you to download endless applications for professional or personal use. Thanks to its touch screen, you can draw and let your imagination fly.

Drawing applications for iPad can help you transform your creativity and more now with the Apple Pencil.

Before tablets and interactive screens artists used to rely on paper and pens to draw.

Do not get me wrong they relay mastered it their art using different tools life life models, wooden models, and even the revolutionary plastic fully articulated body kun dolls.

But with the technology always going forward and with with this tool, you can have more precision just like using a pencil.

Apple tablets have become an excellent option for drawing and painting.

If you already have your iPad and your Apple Pencil, go to the App Store and choose the app of your choice. Do you want to know what the best iPad Pro drawing app is? 

9 Best Drawing Apps For Ipad Pro

In the App Store, there is a wide variety

A Dual WhatsApp account on single Android mobile

Since the time WhatsApp launched its messaging service, people have gone gaga over it, simply because of its UI and features. Evolving awareness of dual-SIM phones, the expectations of users increased and they started looking for different ways to use two WhatsApp account on Android phones. Most of the people are not that technical and do not know how to root their device, which was easy to get two WhatsApp account on single Android device.

The search has finally ended, as we found a full-proof, safe, and “no-root needed” way to use two WhatsApp account on one Android phone. All you have to do is to follow the simple guide given below.

How to use Dual WhatsApp account on single Android Smartphone: Step #1: As we mentioned earlier, this guide will not require any root access. But you will need to download a third-party App to use Dual WhatsApp on your Android. Make sure you have “Enabled Unknown Resources” option on your Android and then download GB WhatsAppStep #2: After the download it complete, install the app.Step #3: Launch the app from App Drawer.Step #4: On the welcome screen of the app, tap “Agree and Continue” and not restore, as it will restore all messages from

Linux vs Windows the internal debate

I know there are a lot of posts on this out there on the internet, but I thought I’d add my 2¢ on the subject. Generally speaking, Linux has a steep learning curve if you’re coming from Windows. The easiest distro of Linux to start with would have to be Ubuntu. A lot of things have a graphical user interface (GUI) with that particular distribution, and it will make the transition easier. You’ll still have to do a number of things on the command prompt, however. In all actuality the command prompt is much easier than the GUI when you get used to it. Instead of clicking clicking clicking and trying to find the right options, you can just type them in. Sometimes you are sitting around going from the command prompt to the GUI which is silly. Just try and use things in the command prompt, it’s better overall.

Heading over to Windows territory, this puppy is completely driven by GUI. There’s absolutely no need to use a command prompt, and the DOS command prompt is almost useless because you can’t really do much with it. Sure, a few things here and there, but I do not think it is

Boost productivity Using Google Now

Google Now Tips to make optimum use

One of the ever-lasting problems with Android is that there are number of mobile manufacturers and all of them customize Android as per their wish. Everything is fine until Google releases an Android update. This is when the consumer begins to suffer, as manufacturers usually do not provide any update to older devices. Recently, Google launched Assistant; simple words, advanced version of Google Now.

There’s still a large number of user base that have no idea what is Google Assistant; thanks to their manufacturers. This post is specifically drafted for all those people and helps them get the most out of their devices. Google Now is not exactly Assistant’s alternative, but it can solve the purpose of effective productivity.

There are a number of voice and text commands but I have listed few that can be used every day to increase productivity. Besides, other commands are basically Google Search results that everyone is familiar with and thus, not listed here.

Below are some of the ways you can use Google Now to get the most out of your Android device and increase your productivity:

Getting Directions with Google Now:

If you are in middle of nowhere and

Save Snapchat Pictures and Videos on your Android without Root

Snapchat Pictures and Videos

If there is any app that is widely used for chatting after Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, then it is certainly Snapchat. The basic function of Snapchat is to provide an update in real-time to your family and friends by means of sending them a pic or a video. Till now, there was not way to save Snapchat Pics and videos without root.

There are some workarounds to get this job done, but for that, you’ll need to root your device. Not everyone wants to root their device and give up OTA updates just to save Snapchat pics and videos. Yes, you can also take a screenshot, but doing that will alert the sender and you might get into trouble.

Fortunately, there’s an app that works without root and it also does not alert the sender. To know more about it, check the tutorial given below.

How to save Snapchat pictures and videos without root on Android: Step #1: First and foremost thing is to download an app called Casper. The app is not available on Google Play Store, for obvious reasons. To install it you’ll need to enable “Unknown Resources” from Settings > Security.Step #2: After installation is finished, open Casper app and enter your Snapchat User ID and Password to Login.Step #3: You’ll

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