Save Snapchat Pictures and Videos on your Android without Root

Snapchat Pictures and Videos

If there is any app that is widely used for chatting after Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, then it is certainly Snapchat. The basic function of Snapchat is to provide an update in real-time to your family and friends by means of sending them a pic or a video. Till now, there was not way to save Snapchat Pics and videos without root.

There are some workarounds to get this job done, but for that, you’ll need to root your device. Not everyone wants to root their device and give up OTA updates just to save Snapchat pics and videos. Yes, you can also take a screenshot, but doing that will alert the sender and you might get into trouble.

Fortunately, there’s an app that works without root and it also does not alert the sender. To know more about it, check the tutorial given below.

How to save Snapchat pictures and videos without root on Android:

  • Step #1: First and foremost thing is to download an app called Casper. The app is not available on Google Play Store, for obvious reasons. To install it you’ll need to enable “Unknown Resources” from Settings > Security.
  • Step #2: After installation is finished, open Casper app and enter your Snapchat User ID and Password to Login.
  • Step #3: You’ll also need to provide your Google Account ID and Password, as part of authentication. We recommend making a fake Google Account for this purpose.
  • Step #4: Once you are in your Snapchat account, the app is pretty decent to use. The User-interface is very friendly and won’ take more than a couple of minutes to get familiar with it.
  • Step #5: To download any Pic or Video, simply tap on it and you will see a Download icon at the top-right side of the app screen.
  • Step #6: All your downloaded pics and videos are saved in Gallery under “Saved Snaps”.

That’s it; isn’t that simple? You can use Casper as an independent Snapchat client. If you find the ads a bit intrusive, you can make a payment of $2.99 and remove them.

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